Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Headlines of IndiaTV Shows (not full stories)

Everybody else... close your eyes !!

oh my god
im a landlord

Thank You IndiaTV !!!
I would have died bachelor without you!!!

Motuji ki Marriage!!!

Oh...!!:O !! so why my cell hangs up so much!!!

Actual title was : Kaala Jaadu karte dekhi gai Churail

see them begging to watch their show....
TRP ke liye saala kuchh bhi karega....

Blood Blood.....

Now read this>>

Hila dene wala video???




Ye kya hota hai bhai??





Maine to kabhi nahi dekha!!!




Would you please explain!!!!






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Wish on a star said...

Lolz, hila dene wala video was damn funny!!

Prabhat Gandhi said...


Anonymous said...

This is too funny man... lage raho...

Logi-call said...

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Mitrh said...

good efforts...bro..this channel is really national shame...i wonder.. what kinda IQ does these guys carry..nd how cn someone become so cheep nd missleading just for TRP

Harshad said...

Suddenly "MTV Fully Faltoo" seems more like legitimate real life events compared to this "News".

I never watch IndiaTV, especially when having food, else the floor will be covered with my food and I'll go hungry, but laughing my head off.

Tushar said...

Hahahaha! India TV is seriously ULTIMATE entertainment...has the perfect potential to brighten up any day of urs. Lamest stuff

I remember this one headline once. It was "Ghoda pagal ho gaya!" with a video of a horse running wild on infinite was so hilarious...seriously continue this good work
Esp "Hila dene waali videos" :P

Anonymous said...

bhagwan ke liye tv dekhiye

lolz...... amazing man

best entertainment channel ever.

rajadba said...

I love India TV channel very much , i like to see Joke , Joker and journalism together

Sanjay said...

And any one remember the DAY's Headline and Breaking News on India Tv...... "Aaj raat koi sona nahi! Aap ke bedroom me koi jhank raha hai"
This continued to repeat for the whole day !!

Peter said...


awesome blog dude...

keep going :D even India TV reporters will laugh at this..

this is unbelievable




Anonymous said...

"india tv ko mila woh wala video"
ROFL...king of them all

Anonymous said...

Main to bahut hil gaya !!!!!