Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aadha Insaan Bolega

Aadha Insaan Bolega
Aadha Insaan Chalega

Headlines of this story

Now the Story...

Oh my God,,, at last they have got my clue...

traced my house too....

oh!!! thank god its about somebody else
not me...

oonchi diwaren???

well !!! no Ghana Jungle and Pathreele Raste this time????

Tum phir bhagwan ko beech me le aaye!@%$%

Vishnu's Avtaar at Babylon????

Oonchi Deewaren....

Kalyug Vs Satyug

What a Comparison
and again red circle....

I guess IndiaTV's next story would be about
china's dragon or Unicorn

They comment just Anything...!!!!

Trying hard to relate with Hiranyakashyap
where Babylon has got nothing to do with that...

if you can see them...

I think they can also make sensational stories with
phoenix of Sfinks subjects!!!!

@%^@ Like Ek sing wala rakshas **%$%$*

thanks red circle my friend!!!!