Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hum Tum Ek Baade Me Band ho.....

Lo ji
ab yahi baaki rah gaya tha.

Mai Apne Sar ke Baal Noch Raha Hu

Arrow has become yellow this time??

Mind it!!

lolllllllllllll.... Bolta Bagh sirf INDIA TV par



Phir Kya hua
Kaun tha wo koi aur
kya ousne baghin se pyar ka izhaar kiya

Is bagh ka kya hua
Kya ise iska sachcha pyaar mila?

Ye Sab jaane ne ke liye dekhte rahiye
Pinjre ke ous paar..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Save your Cows, They are coming... Help!...

What? When? How?! Where!?

Oh crap!! Cows are missing!!! haaaaalp!!

Hats off India TV!!! What would we do without you!!?!?

I really REALLY like this animation!!

OH why not?!?! Coz bloody aliens will travel billions of lightyears so that they can drink delicious cow's milk on their long journey back!

Ha! why didn't I think of that before!? They must really worship our cows!! THAT's why they abduct them!!

Really!??!? You don't say!!!

Yes yes!! Our cows are being beamed by alien ships! The world is coming to an end!!! haaaaaalp!!

We better hide Indian cows!! Coz thats exactly what the aliens are looking for!! Quick QUICK!!

Oooooooooo! Flying cows!!!

And few more!

I told you aliens exist!!!! I was beamed too, when I was a child and I didn't believe in aliens!!!! HA! in your face!!! see the proof!!

Wow more proof!! HAIL India TV!

I dare you to spot the cow inside the encircled area!!
(psssst....it's flying

I believe! I believe!!
Go away alien freaks!!! Don't take our cows!!

Chajje pe Billo Rani

we have to set strict laws like POTA for dogs to save cats of this country

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ganpati ko aaya gussa Yamraj ki banaya chuha

I have watched this news
what was happened is like this:

one Mumbai based family was going for "Ganesh Visarjan"
suddenly car caught fire, all 8 people ran away.

suddenly one of them noticed that they left the Ganesh statue in the car.
they all ran to the car and got the statue out safely.

thats all..

Now see how INDIA TV presented the story.


Great Channel.... Great News.....

India TV is trying very hard to spread superstition in india. Majority of its news are constructed around the ghost stories & rituals . really tragic for a nation which is trying very hard to make Vision 2020 a reality. Programmes & News items which are trying to inculcate the rigid, unscientific, irrational and superstitious behaviour .

i have very seldom found its content of national importance and concequences.Normally they show news pertaining to small and stupid family disputes , ghosts ,tantrik and other poorly constructed stories.

A nation which is facing numerous economic and political problem , RAJAT SHARMA is trying very hard to make people know about stupid people deep ridded with superstittion relating to tantkriks and ghost houses etc. its amazing that India tv editorial board is not giving emphasis of on foreign and economic policies but on pity family disputes.

Salman Ke Sasuraalwale

Just read the titles & enjoy....

Maya Pralay

Rumors mfg. co.

One week after telecast of this story, Supreme court warned
IndiaTV and one other news channel
for spreading such rumors...

Insult of Science & the scientists who dedicated their entire life
to serve mankind... isn't it funny instead of appreciating their efforts
wasting time in spreading such negative thoughts & rumors.

Pyaz Mangne Wali Churail

Why Pyazzzzz???//



Pyaz ya bachcha... soch lo....

he he he he....


Bichare doctor saheb ko pehle nahi pata tha inhe kis tarah ke
show me invite kiya ja raha hai.

Yeh Shamshaan ki churail hai na isliye

digital churail image courtesy Adobe Aftereffects ;)

Oh god... save this country

Mat Dena Mat dena
Aaj Pyaz Maang Rahi Hai

Kal Mouth Freshner Maangegi...
Mat dena