Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ganpati ko aaya gussa Yamraj ki banaya chuha

I have watched this news
what was happened is like this:

one Mumbai based family was going for "Ganesh Visarjan"
suddenly car caught fire, all 8 people ran away.

suddenly one of them noticed that they left the Ganesh statue in the car.
they all ran to the car and got the statue out safely.

thats all..

Now see how INDIA TV presented the story.


Great Channel.... Great News.....

India TV is trying very hard to spread superstition in india. Majority of its news are constructed around the ghost stories & rituals . really tragic for a nation which is trying very hard to make Vision 2020 a reality. Programmes & News items which are trying to inculcate the rigid, unscientific, irrational and superstitious behaviour .

i have very seldom found its content of national importance and concequences.Normally they show news pertaining to small and stupid family disputes , ghosts ,tantrik and other poorly constructed stories.

A nation which is facing numerous economic and political problem , RAJAT SHARMA is trying very hard to make people know about stupid people deep ridded with superstittion relating to tantkriks and ghost houses etc. its amazing that India tv editorial board is not giving emphasis of on foreign and economic policies but on pity family disputes.


vibhor said...

awesome blog guys!! truthful and funny and yet conclusive.....i say you write an article about it and publish in a reputed news paper like hindustan times or times of india....this bullshit of india tv should stop....

Wish on a star said...

I agree wid u prabhat but this is our daily dose of entertainment! And if u notice, all the hindi news channels are showing the same crappy news - aaj tak, news 24, even star news, total tv, sahara, zee news...etc. And u cant start some sort of protest against all of them. Even the Govt took a stand against india tv after the hydrogen collider experiment becoz ITV was spreading terror amongst the people. BTW- This news item was hillarious!

Chaos said...

i speacilly made a new blogger a/c to write comments.. are awesome and about this crap.
whenver i see that channel i reaally really really want to break my tva and the ceo's head

adi****** said...

ganpati...d superhero!!!!
well, on a serious note i wonder where d channel's headin....

Gunvant Jain (Stacy @ IIT-M) said...

ganpati,, yamraj..... wat they don get any other news it seems !!!
wat a jobless, btw atleast these gossips serves one purpose : giving competition to ekta kapoor type serials !!! :P

Ashish said...

very nice and creative work boos!!! very very awesome blog... i Hartley appreciate ur work... it's true they are very stupid and shame less peoples they just don't understand that what they do... and it will create very bed impersonation to viewer for his channel... how they deserve this type of firm... it's like stupid Indians proud on his stupidity