Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Funny Headlines of IndiaTV Shows (not full stories)

Everybody else... close your eyes !!

oh my god
im a landlord

Thank You IndiaTV !!!
I would have died bachelor without you!!!

Motuji ki Marriage!!!

Oh...!!:O !! so why my cell hangs up so much!!!

Actual title was : Kaala Jaadu karte dekhi gai Churail

see them begging to watch their show....
TRP ke liye saala kuchh bhi karega....

Blood Blood.....

Now read this>>

Hila dene wala video???




Ye kya hota hai bhai??





Maine to kabhi nahi dekha!!!




Would you please explain!!!!






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Monday, October 20, 2008

Punarjanam ka BADLA


my god.... now i have to leave delhi????

me not me not!!@*(


ek haseena thi.... la la la ..... ek diwana tha..... la la la

kya umar kya sama Kya zamana thaaaa aa aaaaa.....

India tv ka Karz.....

Uff... ye lal gola .....

Uff ye "Laal Teer "

easy as 1-2-3

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Swarg Jaane Ka Rasta

Me first mE First...

tum ab tak kaha the pyaare reporter

Im coming grand maaaaaa......

so guys... hope I can blog from heaven

Sorry!!! Camera doesn't work in heaven
u have to stay here and wait for me....
coming bak soon!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Devlok ki Yatra

Another try to cash
spiritual beliefs of innocent people...

guru... ab bas karo...


i feel like Swargwasi

Pranaam Bhagwan!! mai to ounhe suryadev samajh baitha tha ji
mere ghar ke oopar roz subah 7:30 baje aajaate hain.
Mujhse bhool hui prabhu

oh my god
Sakshatt Suryadev!!

i have no words for this foolishness
these red circles and Arrows
irritates me...

Are yahan to Chandradev haiN
Prabhu mai to yahan bhi bhool kar raha tha!!
mai to ounhe chandradev samajh baitha tha jo hamare shahr mein
roz raat ko aakaash mein dikhte hain.
Aur bachchon ne to ounhe apna mama bhi bana liya hai..

notice the bottom BREAKING NEWS text

Influencing people to watch the next story.


footage curtsy Discovery Soni India Pvt. Ltd

anybody wants to attempt suicide with me????

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pyaar Ka tAmgA

no comments from my side...

its your turn now...

Guess!! if Shilpa puts a logo "KILLER" on her top
what would be that day's IndiaTV headlines

post your creative comments!!!

IndiaTV Ka ""Sahasik"" Abhiyaan

Are maine to dekh liya :()

Only camera can see!!

camera with a broken lens.... :}

gupt gupt....



or ghana jungle... ;)

"pathrila ilaka" and "ghana jungle" are subject to copyright of INDIA TV.
IndiaTV use in its stories to show how difficult it was to reach to the location
for the reporter (or for the guy who made that clip for youtube).

"pathrila ilaka" and "ghana jungle" words without prior permission
is offense.

aakhir sach dikhana bhi to jaroori hai

nice editing work... but still not a sensational story
try more things to create sensation !!!

yes now its better !!!
this may work to create sensation
but things are still looking normal
put few more red circles and arrows

like that...

Put more 5-6 arrows....

haan... Lens to toot hi chuka hai
tilism bhi tod denge....

Thanks India TV you don't fire your employees like JET Airways
good idea to survive in recession

Log apna ghar chalane ke liye kaha kaha nahi jaate...
andheri gufa




"pathrila ilaka" and "ghana jungle"