Saturday, May 16, 2009

Car Gaayab.... LIVE...

Ye Khabar Aapko Hila Kar Rakh Degi!!!

ACP Arjun
Scary Movie #5

aaj India TV Car ko live gaayab kar raha hai

Guess how...

Lets (try to) create sensation


I go there everyday!!

wahaN pe ek hawaldaar paise khata hai
ye to suna tha
but car........ chalo batao

sensation create ho gaya...
aage badho!!

aap LAAL GOLETM ME "apni Car ko imagine kar sakte hain

no prob if he takes my 30 year old Fiat away...

i know!!!

Lucky hoga apna..

Ya phir bunti hoga....

Even if they take 30 hrs. they can't start my Fiat :)

Shaayad hila ke bhi rakh de

bolte bahot ho itu beta (pat name of Indiatv)
tum clip dokhao jaldi

to ho jaaiye tayyar CAR Ki LIVE
chori dekhne ke liye






Yeh Rahi CAR Delhi ke Highway pe

yeh koi Animation ya
computer graphic nahi hai
(ye bas computer graphic jaisa dikhta hai)

ho jayegi


ankhon ke samne..



Yeh lo ji gaayab ho gai car....

Ji haan

Car Gaayab.... LIVE :)


Friends i am not joking !!
IndiaTV really made this story using an animation clip..

totally unbelievable... :)

let me check my Fiat!!!


@nks said...

ha ha ha !! srsly .. can ppl be so stupid ...

Anonymous said...

Man good post man. U should really popularize ur post so that finally the guys at IndiaTV realize how stupid they are.

ABHi said...

gawd! you are ammazing your blog is ammazing! and most importantly this India tv is ammmmmaaaazzzzinngg!!!

Anonymous said...

This is SO effing stupid! Gawd! The Media today is so screwed up, and you have all the evidence here. Nice work!

amrita ray said...

ha ha ha ha ha ,,nice one...

asu3011 said...

This blog needs to be popularized.... Seriously the media standards are reaching newer lows.

Anonymous said...

i will post links of these websites in others forums
good work mate

Abhay Dang said...

India TV should NOT be banned. Agar ban kar diya, to humein itni achchi comedy kahan se haasil hogi!!! :D

Seriously yaar, I have even noticed my parents and relatives watching this bullcrap channel. It makes me wanna puke.

ali hasnain said...

hahahaha......what crap is this?
indian media is so unreasonable
they think every person is an idoit watching it infact they are the most idiotic

pawasbuddy said...

fuck man... some pretty awsomee shiit...

why do they eevn do this.. i heard the director or whatever said that we show what ppl want to see/...

but why then portray themselves as a news channel... they cud have just popularized them as a "NEWS CHANNEL SPOOF"

But, i'm sure the crew of indiaTV won't be living for long...

Becoz hey... BREAKING NEWS... Every time anyone sees an "ITEM" there, each one of the viewers shower the crew with billions of curses and abuses... ab itni saari gaaliyon aur shraapon ke saath koi zinda kaise rahega... indiaTV pe to bilkul nahi... rite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rest of u folks.. have a great lyf

Anonymous said...

This is awesome.

.. said...

oh god,
"" yeh koi Animation ya
computer graphic nahi hai
(ye bas computer graphic jaisa dikhta hai)""

too funny man

.. said...

awesome man awesome

arsniche said...

RGV are u watching this.
This is a great script to revive ur hugely flop movie Gayab. U have a title also for that suggested by ITV ;)

Anonymous said...

I think people in the villages believe India TV

Vardhan said...

Wow Man...Fantastic work. I am inspired by you. Watchout my blog for funny post on Media.

zoey said...

u're awsm!!

Shash said...

Great work dude!

Shiben Bhattacharjee said...

I love India TV man, I might just start watching it after reading your posts.... India TV is the shit man!